South Minneapolis Food Not Bombs Planning Meetings

Hi everyone, if you have a interest in cooking a vegan meal with a group of people for a good cause we’d love for you to join us as we work out the details (where, when and how). Once a week for no more then 2 hours at the Minnehaha Free Space

Thursdays from 5pm-7pm starting 1/28

Friday January 29th 6:30-9:30pm

wesley martin

This is an event to support Wesley Martin, who was shot by white supremacists at the 4th Precinct shutdown in North Minneapolis on November 23rd.

Performers will include Shavunda Horsely, Love Nyala, and Josh Hubbard.

Dinner will be provided and friendly to various diets.

Space is accessible and has gender neutral bathrooms and a play room for kids. For ASL and other accommodations email

Please invite friends and share this event to support Wesley. His fundraising page is here:

Facebook event here.

Friday Jan. 8 at 6pm: Ethics of Animal Companionship

Let’s talk about how to care for animal companions as folx who don’t value dominance and hierarchy in our relationships. How do you reconcile holding power over fellow creatures? How do you understand your responsibility to help them exist in a human-centric world? Is it possible to respect their nature while also “owning” them? Do the benefits of the emotional connection you have with our animal companion go both ways?

Facebook event:

Friday, December 25 from 4-8pm

What’s with this day where everything is closed and a bunch of people leave town or are busy?

No need to be alone! The free space will be open.
Bring food to share, art supplies, instruments, any other activity that excites you, or just yourself.

From the MARS Collective

We had a slow month last month and had to post on Facebook to ask for extra donations to cover rent. You came through for us and we want to say THANK YOU. We also don’t want to have to do this any more. We are introverted folks who don’t have an easy time putting out a call for money on the internet.

In the past year, we have had events that brought a wide range of folks together—EXCO classes, weekly community dinners and discussions facilitated by local activists, abortion doula trainings, craft nights, groups that read To Our Friends and Baedan, the Native American women’s book club, fundraisers for Luke O’Donovan and Save the Kids, Black August and Fred Hampton Remembrance Day. But as the groups we work with can attest, events that look at the dynamics of oppression and marginalization in this society do not bring in a lot of funds.

We hear from local folks who say it is great that the space exists. The Minnehaha Free Space is one of the longest standing radical social centers in the Twin Cities. We’ve drawn on over 20 years of radical spaces in the Twin Cities including organizations such as The Emma Center (1992-1995), The Belfry (2005-2008), the Jack Pine Community Center (2006-2008), and Arise! Bookstore (1993-2010) to create a space where we strive toward anarchist anti-oppression movement building. We prioritize accessible programming such as weekly free meals, childcare at events, a free radical library of over 5,000 books and zines, solidarity events, office space for a local freeschool, computers and wifi for public use, creative arts events, and a non-commercial meeting space.

We are reaching out to you and asking for your support. Did you attend an event that you enjoyed? Did you have a good conversation with someone there, get something nice from the free corner, or read a book that stuck with you? Did you ever have the feeling that you are glad there is a space like the Free Space? We love running this space and we want to continue doing so, but we can’t do it without a broad base of support. If you are glad that this space exists and want it to continue, please donate. Signing up to give a small amount on a monthly basis is the most effective way to contribute.

If you do give, we want to say thank you. Please include your address (email or snail mail) if you would like to be sent a thank you note from the the MARS collective.

Thank you for being part of what keeps us here.

Dec 4th Dinner & Discussion: Arguing Nuclear War In Popular Culture

During the eighties, Cold War tensions rose as the Reagan and Thatcher administrations took more aggressive postures toward the Soviet Union. In the face of government policy, artists, directors, musicians and even Mr. Rogers spoke out against nuclear aggression. Images of nuclear war pervaded pop culture, from the tragic to the silly, and had a surprising effect on policy.

Come to the Free Space for a tour of eighties Cold War culture, complete with film and video clips and potted history. This presentation is still in the workshopping stage, so if you have thoughts, memories or observations about Cold War culture, there will be plenty of space to share!”

Friday December 4th 6-8pm

December 5: Fred Hampton Remembrance Day


Fred Hampton

Chairman Fred Hampton, 21 years old, of the Black Panther Party was murdered by Chicago police on December 4th, 1969 while asleep. We will come together to honor Fred Hampton’s legacy by sharing information about his work. There will also be music and a Security Culture/Know-Your-Rights info session.

This event is a safe/sober space, FREE, and open to all-ages (*donation suggested*) There is also a playroom in the Free Space for our youngest comrades.
Date: Saturday, December 5th
Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
Place: Minnehaha Free Space, 3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Host: Lesley Anne Crosby

* Screening of excerpts from documentary: “The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther”

* Performance by OSP

* Security Culture and Know-Your-Rights information presented by Tim and Luce

Facebook event here.