next meeting info / elevator speech

Our next meeting is going to be at Hannah’s again (1909 Elliot),  Tuesday (5/18), 5:30-7pm.  The main agenda point will be to discuss our visions/ideas/research on funding models and the activities/resources of the space (seeing these two questions of sustainability  and content as intertwined).  A more nuts-and-bolts agenda point will  be to look at the organizations from the list we made last time and  split them up amongst us to commit to talk with them about what we’re doing.

At our last meeting, We took most of
the meeting to have a spirited discussion about the second sentence
of our blurb (‘elevator speech’) for talking about this project
(trying to find some common ground between us) and to come up with a
short description of it for publicizing it.  Here’s the rad couple
sentences that we came up with:

“We are a group of anti-authoritarian individuals creating a resource center for communities and movements and a free space for meeting, networking, and hanging out.  We are committed to the destruction of all forms of oppression and domination, and to strengthening cultures of resistance.”