fundraising brainstorm / next steps

our next meeting will be next Tuesday (5/25), 5:30-7, at 1909 Elliot again.

the main action points from today’s meeting were:
– we did some good brainstorming about means for financial sustainability
– we like the ‘sustainer’ fundraising method with monthly membership donations (Amelia is going to talk with folks from the Jack Pine about how they did this)
– we’re going to put on a benefit show soon (Hannah is going to talk with the Bedlam and some bands)
– we’re going to start a student group at the U as a means for getting funds for events, speakers, and publicity and connecting with students (Danika and Eli will look into this)
– we set a tentative date for a bigger meeting/potluck with lots of groups we’d like to have involved with the space (June 19th, 5pm, at a park TBD – Danika is looking into a location) — *what do y’all think of this date?
– we split up some groups to talk with about what we’re doing and inviting them to this meeting (see below for the list) — *please let us know if you’d like to talk with any of these or if you have any more to add to the list!!!
At the next meeting, we’ll reportback about these action-items, and we’ll continue discussing fundraising possibilities.  Also, we’ll talk about potential prices different locations for spaces, so let’s try to do some research on that beforehand.

This project is getting exciting and we could use more help!  Please let us know if this time and day doesn’t work for you, and if you’d like to come, we can figure out a time that works for more of us.  email us: radspacetc [at] gmail [dot] com, and we can add you to the listserv for more detailed meeting notes.

solid,  eli