Thistle and the Thorns – Movement Music from Madison, April 16-17

Two shows:

Saturday, April 16, 6pm at the University of Minnesota
Coffman Union Room 323, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis
Donations gladly accepted for the performers and MARS

Sunday, April 17 10pm at the Kitty Kat Club
315 14th Ave SE, Dinkytown Minneapolis

“Thistle and the Thorns play movement music – the kind that not only moves your body out of your seat and onto the dance floor, not only moves your heart and your mind to open up and find hidden feelings and new hopes, but also moves you to be inspired, to get up, get out, and get active in your community, making connections and pushing for change, building grassroots alternatives.”

In addition to the live performances on their Spring Earth Week tour, at the University of Minnesota event Thistle and the Thorns will facilitate a conversation about local peace, justice and sustainability projects and help brainstorm ideas for how to add spice and momentum to our movements.  The workshop/discussion will reference  An Excerpt from Deep Green Resistance, by Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith featured in the 30 year anniversary edition of the Earth First! Journal. In addition, we will explore excerpts from Food Not Lawns by H.C. Flores while talking about what YOU are up to in your communities. Keep educating and agitating!

(Click poster above to download – 11×17)