END:CIV Film Tour with Director Frank López and Waziyatawin – Monday June 6

Monday, June 6 – Doors 7pm, Film 7:30

Walker Community Church:
3104 16th Ave S. Minneapolis MN 55407

FREE (with Donations Gladly Accepted)

Followed by Q&A with Frank López and Dakota activist/author Waziyatawin

If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests and contaminated the food supply, would you resist? If creatures from outer space made the water so poisonous you wouldn’t dream of drinking it, would you try to stop them? If monsters released toxic chemicals that caused cancer in the people you love, would you fight back?

These aren’t idle questions. It’s happening now – except there are no aliens. The culture that’s cradled us since birth is a killer.  END:CIV illustrates the brutality of a civilization addicted to systematic violence and environmental destruction, and the heroism of those who confront it head-on.

Based on the best-seller Endgame by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV begins with the harsh reality that all civilizations eventually end. The ancient Mayans, the dynasties of China, and the mighty Roman Empire, as long-lived and powerful as they were, inevitably crashed. Western Civilization is no different. It’s coming down, but not fast enough.

Directed by Franklin López, host of the world’s most subversive news show “It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine” (http://submedia.tv), interviews in END:CIV include Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society and writers Waziyatawin (What Does Justice Look Like? and For Indigenous Eyes Only), James Howard Kunstler (Clusterfuck Nation), Gord Hill (500 Years of Indigenous Resistance), Lierre Keith (The Vegetarian Myth), and Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security). López interviews indigenous activists Qwatsinas (Nuxalk Nation) and Rod Coronado (Pascua Yaqui); environmentalists Steven Best, Zoe Blunt, Dru Oja Jay, Macdonald Stainsby, and many more.

Bring a friend to see this powerful 75-minute film on the final leg of its North American tour.  END:CIV – The future depends on it.

For more information visit http://endciv.com.  Sponsored by Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space (MARS); supported by Climate Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities, Twin Cities Indymedia, and the Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair.