Solidarity as Active Resistance: Indigenous and Autonomous Struggles in Latin America

Thursday, June 30, 6pm-8pm
Walker Church
3104 16th Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55407

In September and October, 2010, a group of anarchists from North America traveled to Chile, Wallmapu (the Mapuche territories, occupied by the Chilean and Argentinean states), and Bolivia to meet with local anti-authoritarians, learn the histories and current situations of their struggles, and make the connections necessary to strengthen real and long-term solidarity between anarchists in North America and people in struggle in these countries.

The trip occurred during an important time- less than a month after a major wave of raids and arrests targeting anarchists in Santiago, during a crucial and highly supported hunger-strike by Mapuche political prisoners against the antiterrorism law and the repression of their struggle, and at a low point in the once colossal social movements in Bolivia, which have now been co-opted by the left-wing government of the indigenous president, Evo Morales.

Right now is a crucial time for solidarity, especially with our comrades being framed under the Anti-Terrorist Laws by the Chilean state.  Come hear first hand about these various struggles and learn how you can directly support them.

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