SlutWalk Open Mic – 9/28

Stop Slut-Shaming: A Person's Appearance is Not the Cause of Sexual Assault

The organizers of SlutWalk Minneapolis and the Minnehaha Free Space present: An Open Mic Night!

Wednesday, September 28
at the Minnehaha Free Space
3458 Minnehaha Avenue

We welcome all survivors,  supporters, and opponents of rape culture to share their thoughts and experiences through poetry, spoken word, music, stories, or visual art in a safe, nurturing, and respectful space. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others and remember that healing doesn’t have to happen alone! We hope everyone will leave feeling more open and stronger together as a community of resistance.


All sexes, genders, orientations, presentation, preferences, ages, colors, abilities, statuses, professions, and experiences are welcome at this event.
Please consider bringing something or eat or drink to share! But be aware that the Minnehaha Free Space is a sober venue.
Anyone who is not behaving in a respectful manner will be asked to leave.
Because of the nature of this event, there may be graphic content shared related to sexual assault that is shared. If you feel you might be triggered, please consider bringing a support person. Remember that it is okay to express yourself, but we want everyone to feel safe.
Express! Connect! Heal!
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