Cold Nights, Hot Issues Event Series Begins on 1/27: Prison Abolition

Cold Nights, Hot Issues! is an event series exploring hot topics with a radical lens, learning from the wisdom of local activists, and building local and global struggles towards a world free from oppression and domination. Each event starts with food at 6:30, followed by a moderated discussion at 7pm at the Minnehaha Free Space.

Friday January 27:
Prison Abolition

Dinner at 6:30pm – Panel Discussion at 7pm
FREE with Donations Welcome

3458 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis MN 55406
(on the #7 bus line)

Right now in the United States, over two million people sit in a prison or jail cell, while over seven million are under some form of correctional supervision. The U.S. alone incarcerates over 25% of the world’s prison population. As the system called the prison industrial complex keeps growing into a massive for-profit net of social control, more and more people are organizing as prison abolitionists, believing that this system can’t be reformed—it must be abolished.

How does the prison industrial complex affect our communities, and what’s being done locally to resist it?

Featuring speakers from the Women’s Prison Book Project, the Cece McDonald Support Committee, and others in the struggle against prisons and policing. Come to learn from local activists, ask questions and share your experience!