Movie Mondays at the Free Space in February

Come enjoy FREE MOVIES at the Free Space every Monday in February! Featuring: Happy Feet, The Coconut Revolution, Dead Man, and Cultures of Resistance. Movies start at 7pm. Arrive early for snacks and stick around for engaging discussions! See descriptions below…

Feb 6 – Kid’s Night! showing Happy Feet
Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce! Eat popcorn and other snacks and join the family fun!

Feb 13 – documentary: The Coconut Revolution
This is the modern-day story of a native peoples’ remarkable victory over Western Colonial power. A Pacific island rose up in arms against a giant mining corporation – and won despite a military occupation and blockade. The movie tells the story of the successful uprising of the indigenous peoples of Bougainville Island against the Papua New Guinea army and the mining plans of the Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) company to exploit their natural resources.

Feb 20 – movie: Dead Man
A dark, bitter commentary on modern American life cloaked in the form of a surrealist western, Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man stars Johnny Depp as William Blake, a newly-orphaned accountant who leaves his home in Cleveland to accept a job in the frontier town of Machine. Upon his arrival, Blake is told by the factory owner that the job has already been filled. Dejectedly, he enters a nearby tavern, ultimately spending the night with a former prostitute. A violent altercation with the woman’s lover leaves Blake a murderer as well as mortally wounded. He flees into the wilderness, where a Native American named Nobody (Gary Farmer) mistakes Blake for the English poet William Blake and determines that he will be Blake’s guide in his protracted passage into the spirit world.

Feb 27 – documentary: Cultures of Resistance*
Directed by Iara Lee
Does each gesture really make a difference? Can music and dance be weapons of peace? In 2003, on the eve of the Iraq war, director Iara Lee embarked on a journey to better understand a world increasingly embroiled in conflict and, as she saw it, heading for self-destruction. After several years, travelling over five continents, Iara encountered growing numbers of people who committed their lives to promoting change. This is their story. Featuring: Medellín poets for peace, Capoeira masters from Brazil, Niger Delta militants, Iranian graffiti artists, women’s movement leaders in Rwanda, Lebanon’s refugee filmmakers, U.S. political pranksters, indigenous Kayapó activists from the Xingu River, Israeli dissidents, hip-hop artists from Palestine, and many more…
*A note on viewer discretion: this film is as intense as the struggles it chronicles. There are scenes of violence and graphic images that may be triggering for some. Please see for more information on the film.

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