Friday, 2/17 – Beyond Marriage: Queer Struggles in the Context of Marriage Equality

Cold Nights, Hot Issues! is an event series exploring hot topics with a radical lens, learning from the wisdom of local activists, and building local and global struggles towards a world free from oppression and domination. Each event starts with food at 6:30, followed by a moderated discussion at 7pm at the Minnehaha Free Space.

Friday February 17 –
Beyond Marriage:
Queer Struggles in the Context of Marriage Equality

Dinner at 6:30pm – Panel Discussion at 7pm
FREE with Donations Welcome

3458 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis MN 55406
(on the #7 bus line)


This coming November, Minnesotans will vote on a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman only, a measure that wouldmake it more difficult to extend marriage rights to all couples in the future. The campaign battle is sure to be huge, as organizations both for and against the amendment have already raised over 1.2 million dollars each.

However, as other states have fought similar amendments, while six states including Iowa have won marriage equality for couples of all genders, many activists have witnessed these battles being waged at the expense of racial justice, economic justice, and the struggles facing marginalized queer and trans identities.

What is the significance of the struggle for marriage equality in 2012? What’s being done locally to connect it to intersecting oppressions and systemic forms of violence like homelessness and unemployment? And how might the marriage amendment be defeated without losing sight of the big picture?

Panelists Include: Raquel (Rocki) Simões (Avenues for Homeless Youth GLBT Host Home Program), Rebecca Waggoner (Outfront Minnesota), Ryan Murphy (Twin Cities GLBT Oral History Project and contributor to Queer Twin Cities), and others working for justice for queer and trans folks in the Twin Cities. Come to learn from local activists, ask questions and share your experience!

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