The Beehive Collective Presents – Movement Storytelling, Sunday, April 29

Note: This workshop will be held at Longfellow Park, followed by a social at the Free Space.

Movement Storytelling with the Beehive Design Collective

Pictures, Stories and Strategies for Social Change from 10 Years of Collaborative Image Making

Sunday, April 29

12:30–3:30pm at Longfellow Park Recreation Center

3435 36th Ave. S, Minneapolis MN 55406

followed by a social at the Minnehaha Free Space, 4-6pm
3458 Minnehaha Ave. S, Minneapolis MN 55406

The Beehive Design Collective has spent 10 years developing an innovative and story-based education strategy that it will share in this interactive, kid-friendly workshop.  The Bees believe art is a tool for popular analysis, education and organizing – and that the complex and overwhelming issues that face our world can be broken down and understood through pictures and stories.

The Bees use giant, portable murals to deconstruct issues as far-reaching as globalization, climate change, colonization and resource extraction. They strive to provoke discussion, raise hard questions, and share hopeful stories about the small-scale changes and actions we can undertake to build a better world

This workshop will feature examples of effective storytelling for social change, examine social issues as adventure stories, and connect with local and global issues.

You’re sure to leave wanting more — so after the workshop at Longfellow Park, join the Bees for a social at the Minnehaha Free Space where you can continue the conversation; purchase the Bees’ posters, patches and other goodies (all for sliding scale donation); and connect with other Twin Cities movement storytellers.

To find out more about the Beehive and their art, visit: