We’re moving to 3747 Minnehaha! Details on our move and how you can help

We are excited to announce that the Minnehaha Free Space is moving to 3747 Minnehaha Avenue, three blocks south of our current location! We’ll be closing from June 17th through July 31st for planning, packing, painting and fancying up our new digs. Read on for more about the new space and how you can help us make the move a success.

The space

3747 Minnehaha Ave. is in the IUE-CWA building right next to the studio of Ricardo Levins Morales, a fantastic radical artist and friend of the Free Space.  We’re looking forward to being neighbors with union activists and with Ricardo.

The new space has a lot to offer, including a large and attractive main room, parking in back and four separate offices which will house our kids’ room, our library and new projects still in the works!  A three-year lease will give us stability while keeping us in Longfellow and close to the friends we’ve made in the neighborhood.

Projects like Movie Mondays, youth days and event hosting will continue in the new space, along with new and exciting things we’re still dreaming up.

two fans of the Free Space who are excited about our move to 3747 Minnehaha

The move

Did you help us get ready to open last year?  It was a whirlwind few weeks and we couldn’t have done it without our friends.  But it was a fun whirlwind! This time around, we hope you’ll join us to help organize, pack, clean and paint.  The times you can help are from June 18-28 (unless we finish early), 4-9pm on weekdays, 2-7pm on Sat/Sun.  Please come to 3458 Minnehaha to help (not to 3747).

Ongoing events

Although we can’t host meetings until after August 1st, we’ll be glad to take event requests for events occurring after then.  Just contact us via the event request form here.  If you have an ongoing event that you’d like to continue hosting at the new space, please get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you’re on the calendar for your usual time.

We’re really looking forward to being in this great new location and we hope you are too!

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