New Space Needs (wishlist!)

At our 3458 location we owe nearly the entire contents to donations! We continue to be immensely grateful for those who have donated to the space materially where able. With this move, we are finding that there are new needs. Below is a list of items that we are currently seeking. For larger items, we are (more than likely) able to arrange a pick up.

Please contact us before bringing donations to the space or if you have any questions. We no longer have a basement for storage or items that are not immediately usable in the space. We will do our best to keep this post up to date! Thank you in advance for both your generosity and your patience. –The Martians

  • Refrigerator (1/2 size or larger and in good condition)
  • Long rug/s for the hallway
  • Bike racks
  • Patio furniture (we have a sitting space in back!)
  • Large dining room table (useful for events and meetings, and easily movable)
  • L brackets to hang shelves
  • Electric tea kettle/water heater
  • Clear plastic tubs sm-md size for play room (they need to be able to fit on shelves that won’t be deeper than 12″)
  • Clear plastic tubs for food storage in kitchen, sm-md size
  • Cork board
  • Kids books in both English and Spanish
  • Bean bag (easy to clean, in good condition)
  • Lamination machine
  • A giant white board or white board paint

last updated: 7-25-12