TC Anarchist Bookfair – Events All Week at the Free Space

The 3rd Annual Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair is September 15-16 at the Powderhorn Park Rec Center, 3400 15th Ave. S. in Minneapolis.  The Minnehaha Free Space will have a table all weekend, and be host to a number of events all week in the “Festival of Anarchy”:

Monday, Sept. 10, 2pm: Radicalizing Children’s Libraries
Monday, Sept. 10, 5pm: Prisoner Support Letter Writing
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 5pm: Radfam (Radical Families) Discussion Group
Wednesday, Sept. 12, 5:30pm: Occupy Tactics Debate Livestream & Potluck
Sat/Sun Sept. 15-16 (Times TBA): Visit us at the Bookfair at Powderhorn Park
Sunday, Sept. 16, 6:30pm: Dinner at Minnehaha Free Space

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The Festival of Anarchy Schedule of Events

Radicalizing Children’s Libraries
Mon. Sept. 10 // 2pm // Meet at Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Ave)
We’ll print some radical children stories / images and go through local libraries to intersperse them in the children’s section. From slipping in a few copies of The Secret World of Terijian or putting radical cut-outs inside popular titles.

Prison Support Letter Writing
Mon. Sept. 10 // 5pm // Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Ave)
Using the PP/POW birthday calender for September we’ll write birthday letters to imprisoned comrades. Materials provided – bring extras if you have to share.

radfam Discussion Group
Tues. September 11 // 5pm // Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Ave)
Radfam is a discussion group in minneapolis where you don’t have to justify your definition of family. The nuclear, biological family is not the norm here. Instead, we are insterested in promoting individual autonomy in defining what family means. We discuss issues that are at the intersection of families and social justice. We are committed to supporting reproductive justice, queer politics and radical family planning, recognizing that these are concepts to be talked about and negotiated in community.

Anarchist Writers Bloc
Wed. September 11 // 4pm // University of Minnesota (Pillsbury Hall, at the big arc entrance on the stairs)
An informal discussion of anarchist fiction, story-telling, poetry, literature of our own making or the making of others. Bring writings to share aloud, we can exchange writings to enjoy or critique, talk about what story-telling and creativity means to each of us as individuals and anarchists or explore the possibility of a collaborative project.

Occupy Tactics Debate – Livestream Viewing Party
Wed. September 12 // 5:30pm // Minnehaha Free Space (3747 Minnehaha Ave)
Watch the NYC debate between Chris Hedges and the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers Collective on Tactics & Strategy, Reform & Revolution. Potluck food & snacks starting at 5:30pm, livestream begins at 6pm.

About the debate: Since Occupy Wall Street took Zuccotti Park in September 2011, there has been a resurgence of social movement activity in the United States. As momentum has increased, age-old questions over tactics, strategy, and goals have returned to the fore.

What is violence? Who gets to define it? Do illegal actions have aplace in our movements? This discussion never takes place in a vacuumor on a level playing field; rather, it occurs within the context of a struggle that is already in progress, where every statement has immediate ramifications for the participants. Differing tactical approaches often reflect fundamental differences in strategy and goals. At the core of these issues is the question: What are we fighting for and how do we get there? (more info at:

Capture The Flag 
Thurs. September 13 // 8pm // nicollet mall & washington ave s
Come play capture the flag as a part of the festival of anarchy within a 4 by 4 city block playing field (maps of playing field will be provided). formal attire vs casual attire, identifying ribbons provided. Gameplay modified to be inclusive to all people of all abilities.

Solidarity Against State Repression
Thurs. September 13 // 12-1pm // Minneapolis City Hall (350 S 5th St)
Come out to show resistance to state repression and let our friends know we support them in these difficult times. This is an event in solidarity with subpoenaed comrades and their refusal to cooperate in the Pacific Northwest as well as with local Occupy Homes comrades who are also currently engaged in grand jury resistance. (more info at //

We Are Many – Reflection on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation – Margaret Killjoy & Kevin from Team Colors
Thurs. September 13 // 6:30pm // University of Minnesota (Blegen Hall, room 150)
It’s been almost exactly a year since Occupy Wall Street took over Liberty Plaza in downtown New York City, and radical politics in the United States has not been the same since.

We Are Many is a new book from AK Press that asked over 40 Occupy activists what it is we’ve learned as organizers, anarchists, or simply as people concerned with social change and/or rupture. The strategies presented as diverse as the contributors, as diverse as occupy itself.

Editor Margaret Killjoy and contributor Kevin from Team Colors will be presenting the book and the ideas held within.

Midwest Trans Prisoner Pen Pal Project Hosts A Letter Writing Night
Thurs. September 13 // 7-9pm // Boneshaker Books (2002 23rd Ave S)
MTPPP seeks to connect Midwest-based incarcerated trans/gender non-conforming people with other trans/gender non-conforming and allied community member pen pals. Come write letters to prisoners and share some snacks!

Ride On The Prisons: A Visit To CeCe
Thurs. September 14 // 11am // Meet at Modern Times (3200 Chicago Ave S)
Ride on St. Cloud prison in solidarity with CeCe McDonald and all prisoners. Organized by CHAINBREAKER! abolitionist motorcycle tour with help from the CeCe Support Committee. Family and friends of prisoners especially encouraged to attend regardless of ride status. 11am gather at Modern Times in South Minneapolis. Leave at noon. For further information or to offer /obtain ride space contact More on CeCe at

Really Really Free Market
Fri. September 14 // 2pm-6pm // Powderhorn Park Stage
Bring what you can, take what you need. No buying, no selling, no barter, no trade – all free!

It’s like a swap meet, a potluck, and a block party all rolled into one! Bring stuff you want to share, take whatever you need. Everyone has old stuff lying around, taking up space, and never getting used. Why not share it with someone? Bring food, clothes, books, zines, toys, games, furniture, art, a skill to share, a song to sing, a joke to tell, anything! Note: Everyone is individually responsible for the items they bring.