Holey Moly! Clothing Repair at the Free Space, 10/13

Saturday, October 13, 2012 – 6-10pm
3747 Minnehaha Avenue

The long awaited Holey Moly is back! Just in time for the fall chill to roll on in. Bring your sad socks, tattered sweaters, shirts without buttons, or even a costume project to work on (it’s almost Halloween!)

There will be at least one sewing machine to use (or to learn on), a button hole maker attachment for the sewing machine, buttons, needles, thread, patching material, yarn, and snacks.

Feel free to bring your own supplies (like scissors!) to use, or some to share.

Make it a potluck and bring something snacking to throw in the mix.

Last time there were quite a few people who were new to mending, tailoring, and sewing in general. We had a very informal sort of skill share. This time, if you are willing, we might have sort of areas set up with little signs so people who are new, know who they can ask for guidance.

Hope to see you all there!