Anti-Repression: Grand Jury Resistance & We Overcame Torture

Support NW Grand Jury Resisters!

Prisoner letter-writing & potluck
Thursday, October 18, 5-6:30pm

Write a letter to one of the three Northwest grand jury resisters
currently in jail, and bring a dish to share!

A Seattle-based federal grand jury is investigating political activity
in the Northwest, and three comrades subpoenaed to testify have refused
to cooperate. They’re all being held in jail on contempt of court, and
could be there for months. Come to the MFS prisoner letter-writing night
& potluck, and let Matt, KTeeO, and Leah know that we’ve got their backs!

Solidarity with the grand jury resisters!
Solidarity with all targets of state repression!

FFI on the NW Grand Jury:

Then, stick around for the 7pm event at the Free Space:

The Mexico-US Solidarity Network presents

“we Overcame torture”: Lessons from the fight against sexual violence
and State repression in Mexico

with Italia Méndez of the Campaign Against Political Repression and
Sexual Torture

“We don’t want to be heroes, but we don’t want to be victims either. We
are not ‘the raped women.’ I’m not ‘Italia who was raped in Atenco.’ We
attempt to affect not just the discourse of the State, but that of
organizations, collectives, and society regarding how to treat us.”
-Italia Méndez

On May 3rd, 2006 members of the Other Campaign clashed with police in
the town of Atenco in Mexico State. The authorities were trying to
displace merchants who had always sold flowers in the town center on
holidays, and the merchants appealed to an organization that, since
2001, had been defending Atenco’s farmland from a proposed airport. In
turn, those defending their land appealed to the Other Campaign – a
newly-formed national alliance of popular organizations working from
below and from the left – and thousands of Other Campaign members turned
out to defend the flower merchants, effectively repelling the police.

May 4th, 2006 was a different story. Hundreds of local, state and
federal police swarmed Atenco with unimaginable violence, beating
everyone in sight and breaking into houses without warrants. At the
day’s end 2 were dead (murdered by police), 207 arrested (most without
formal charges), and 26 women, including Italia Méndez, were submitted
to systematic sexual torture.

Come hear Italia speak, as she gives testimony to the events of May 4,
2006 and explains how she and her companions have turned fear into a
tool of hope and resistance.

Italia Méndez is part of the Campaign Against Political Repression and
Sexual Torture. Founded in 2008 by survivors of the events in Atenco,
the Campaign seeks to break the silence and forgetting surrounding
sexual torture as a means of social control. By denouncing the human
rights abuses committed against them, they create tools for resisting
the repressive strategies of the State and repairing the social fabric.

Italia’s presentation – we Overcame torture – will have important
lessons for defenders of women’s rights, autonomy, human rights, and for
activists at large. Come hear how we can turn the repression of social
movements into hope and resistance, and talk with others about what you
can do with and for your own community.

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