Care in movement / Care as movement: accountability, abolition, and alternatives to the state – A panel with members of Philly Stands Up! & Trans Youth Support Network – 2/15 – 6pm-8pm

ImageAlexis Pauline Gumbs writes, “It is possible to call on each other (and to call each other out) instead of calling the police, and… healing justice is not merely a salve for overworked activists or a sparkle decorating our movement, it is a tangible resource for longevity and resilience against the state.” In recent years, there has been an upsurge in activists talking about and working through how to operate outside the state. Disassociating activist communities from the police by creating alternative forms of care and accountability is one crucial component of that process, especially amongst populations who face increasing levels of policing and incarceration. In this panel, we talk with an array of activists about how such efforts have unfolded in Minneapolis and throughout the U.S., what challenges they’ve faced, and potentials for future organizing. 

Friday, 2/15, 6:00pm-8:00pm @ MFS

About the Speakers:
Philly Stands Up! is a small collective living and working in Philadelphia. We work with people who perpetrate sexual assault by leading them through processes which aim to hold them accountable for their actions and meaningfully change their behavior. We embrace harm reduction, transformative justice and anti- oppression frameworks as a means to strengthen and transform our communities and Movements into self- reliant, safe and dynamic spaces.  For more info see

The Trans Youth Support Network
is a partnership of youth and community members working together to support trans youth in Minnesota. We were founded as a community response to a series of incidents of violence targeting young transwomen of color in the Fall of 2004. Today, our work continues to be shaped and directed by trans youth.   For more info see