Building a Powerful Anarchist Movement: Reflections from Chile

Thursday, February 12, 7pm-9pm at Minnehaha Free Space

About the speakers
Pablo was a founding member of Librería Proyección, a social center and bookstore in downtown Santiago. Librería Proyección is a space where many social and political organizations meet, including student collectives, feminist groups, unions, artists, etc. For several years Pablo has been giving introductory workshops on anarchist history and politics in social spaces and universities. Pablo is also a member of the editorial board of the libertarian communist journal Solidaridad.

Gabriel has been a militant of FEL (Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios) as a high school student since 2004 (aged 16). In 2005, he helped organize support from secondary students for the ongoing university student strikes against the new university credit system. During the large scale high school movement in 2006, Gabriel participated in the ACES (Asamblea Coordinadora de Estudiantes Secundarios) as part of the propaganda brigades.

Melissa will be joining the tour from Chicago and onward. She is a founding member of the Anarchist Feminist group La Alzada, Acción Feminista Libertaria, created at the end of 2012, with the purpose of making social action and construction of libertarian feminism. Within La Alzada, she focused her work with a domestic workers union and is now helping develop the community organizing thrust of La Alzada — taking feminism to the neighborhoods. In addition, she is concentrating on several areas in which the gender issue is present, such as gender violence, sexuality, sexual dissidence, as well as in education, health,and the workplace. She also utilizes methods from the Theater of the Oppressed, which is a powerful tool used by La Alzada to to develop gender issues in their work

There will also be other speaking events happening at the Waite House, the NOC office and MCTC stay tuned for more updates

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