Radical Feminist Reading Group: Mondays 7-9pm

FeministReadingStyled rather like a bookclub, this reading group will open the way for conversations about radical feminsim. We’ll start by reading and discussing the book Feminism is for Everyone by bell hooks and from there, we’ll read whatever the group feels comes next. I’m really hoping that in reading and talking, we learn about ourselves, about our world, the ways in which we hurt each other, and how to love each other. Radical feminsim is about radical love. How do we practice that?

Absolutely no knowledge or experience of feminism necessary.

Meetings will be held Mondays starting 3/10 at 7pm. Starting 3/17 and the following three weeks we will be reading and discussing Feminism is for Everyone by bell hooks ……Then there’s so much more we could read –  I have an list of ideas, but suggestions are more than welcome.

Last class will be May 5.