Donate to the Minnehaha Free Space!

We are a collectively-run radical community resource center located in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’re coming up on three years of providing space for radical organizing in the Twin Cities. Countless hours have gone into setting up and taking care of the Minnehaha Free Space, but there’s only so much an all-volunteer unpaid staff can do to maintain a rented space. The Free Space relies exclusively on donations to pay our bills, which run about 1300-1400$ per month. 

In the last two and a half years we have provided space for political prisoner fundraisers, a 2,000 title lending library, social movement discussions, community meals, youth activities, prisoner letter writing, radical theatre performances, conversations on indigenous struggle, free markets, craft circles, singing groups, film and documentary screenings, free school classes, skillshares, and community discussions on care, solidarity, and resistance.

If the Free Space is an important presence for you or folks you know or perhaps you feel solidarity with this project, please consider giving monetary support. We’re trying to raise back a three-month buffer of expenses ($4200) to help us get back on our feet. You can donate here via PayPal.

If just 70 people donated $20 per month, all of our rent and utilities would be covered, leaving our collective with more energy to put into creating and assisting in creating useful or meaningful projects at the Minnehaha Free Space. Ideas brewing include: the return of youth space programming, food preservation to create a food shelf for the radical community, a regular pop-up thrift store, expanding our weekly free organic meal, and continuing the bulk of our existing programming.

Thank you!
-The MARS Collective

minnehahafreespace flyer