Dispatches from the Desert: Militarization and Resistance in the U.S.-Mexico Border Zone

A presentation by Hadley Pope and Sophie Smith of No More Deaths and People Helping People in the Border Zone
Thursday January 29th 6:30pm
Over the last twenty years, the rural desert regions of the U.S.-Mexico border have seen a massive build-up of border security infrastructure and personnel. Due to this increase in enforcement, untold thousands of migrants from the Americas have lost their lives while attempting to enter the U.S. interior through treacherous desert lands. At this event, two community activists and desert aid workers will present background on the contemporary policing of the U.S.-Mexico border and discuss current efforts to provide direct aid to migrants and to organize rural border communities against the border security establishment. Come learn more about militarization, resistance, and humanitarian aid on the border.
For more info on these groups: nomoredeaths.org/en  &  phparivaca.org