Music & a Conversation on LGBTQ+ issues Saturday 3/12 at 6pm

From the organizer, Lydia Underwater: In light of the world being dark, Sama & I have decided to organize a show where the main focus is community building.

Music & Discussion are the medium for it.

Playing that evening will be….

Tuffy Red! I’m excited that they are playing.
Leeah Swift! I am also really excited they are playing.
Sama! All the way from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, how exciting is that!
Quiet Earth! also really exciting!
and, Lydia Underwater, that is me, I smile a lot.

Afterwords, we’ll have a panel discussion about the current issues facing queer & transgender individuals, as that is something that is currently plaguing a lot of our lives. And it is very constructive to dissect these things.

I hope you can all make it, it’s going to be super rad!

Facebook event: