Tuesday May 24th 5- 7 PM


13100829_10207578973485753_6844311966871742802_nRad herbal workshop: Herbal Support for Anxiety, Trauma and Mental Health!

This workshop will cover the science around mental health, depression and anxiety. We will examine how trauma lives in the body, how it effects our brain chemistry and what we can do to support ourselves while living in states of trauma, distress and bouts of depression and anxiety.

We will look at how and why certain herbs can be used to help us in regards to our mental health including but not limited to nervines, adaptogens, anxiolytics and herbal mood stablizers.

This class will serve as an introduction into how people can make their own mental health first aid kits at home. We will also be making some things in class for people to learn some simple herbal medicine making.

This class will provide a safe space around sensitive subjects involving mental health. It is a no shame, all gender inclusive place. To find out more about the host and information on the class, visitRedUmbrellaHerbals.strikingly.com.

If you have questions or would like to register for the event, please e-mail: RedUmbrellaHerbals@gmail.com. Please provide your name, pronoun and what brings you to the class when you register!

The cost is $10-20 per person paid at the time of the class.