Wednesday July 6th at 7pm


“Welcome to Leith” is an award-winning documentary on the attempted takeover of a small North Dakota town by notorious neo-nazis and white supremacists.


On June 26th, anti-fascists converged on Sacramento to shut down a planned rally by neo-fascist Traditionalist Workers Party at the State Capital. Several hundred anti-fasicsts chased out the handful of nazis that showed up, but not without intense clashes. In the fighting several were stabbed, including some antifa comrades. Join us to raise money to support the injured!

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Anti-fascists in California are preparing to shut down a neo-nazi rally in the state capital of Sacramento on June 26th. This rally is being called for by the Traditionalist Workers Party, the National Socialist Movement, the KKK and more. More information on this mobilization can be found here:

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