Thursday Nov. 10th 5:30-7:30 PM: Emotional Support Gathering

Having someone listen to your problems in a nonjudgmental way and provide support and feedback is an essential human need that often isn’t valued or talked about in this society. therapy can be a great resource, but sometimes it’s not accessible, not the right option, or only a partial solution. this gathering is about talking about what is lacking in our communities in terms of this type of support, identifying what we need, and taking steps to meet some of those needs in a mutually beneficial way.
we will have intros, a general discussion, and then maybe pair up and take turns listening to each other for a short or a long time. we may decide to make this a regular event. we will be centering those who have marginalized identities, especially people of color and trans and queer people who show up, and we will ask those with privileged identities to wait until others have spoken to weigh in, and to help create a space where their needs are not at the center. please contact us if you have questions about that or want to talk about any aspect of this.