Friday 12/2 from 6-8pm: Indigenous History before 1492

Co-hosted with EXCO!

Indigenous issues are at the forefront for all humanity. I’m going to
emphasize the need to think of one’s own indigenous roots, as well as
the stories of indigenous people that existed on this land before
1492. We all came from somewhere, and the sooner we realize these
attachments, the better off we’ll be. In other words: learn from the
people who were here first, and learn from our own indigenous roots.

Indigenous history did not start in 1492, it started way before that
period. In fact, events of 1492 were a terrible, horrible
interruption. There were people on this land evolving in every way
conceivable before Columbus came along. As an Italian, I am proud to
denounce Columbus. (In fact, he reminds me of a couple cousins of
mine, so the heck with them).

Get beyond the fry bread, casino gambling, pow wows, all the stuff
that gets associated with indigenous humanity today, and to tell a
different story. If we don’t have knowledge of a pre-Columbian past,
then we don’t have a post-Columbian future.

About the facilitator: Ray has worked with Kalpulli Turtle
Island Multiversity, Hamline University, and has taught dozens of EXCO classes over the years on indigenous issues.