Big Music Festival!

The biggest music festival in Minneapolis!


“Xaundra classifies her music as soul punk. She finds it hard to write a happy song, when there are so many wonderfully dreadful things to heart break over.”

H.I.F. makes electronic music. Hardware, analog, beats, melodies, these are just a few of the things one might hashtag when talking about H.I.F.

Jenny Oo. Hansen
Singer/songwriter going through a solo folk-pop phase because of their bad spending habits and spotty social skills. Some piercing shrieks, some mumbling, some pretty melodies.

Holo Lue Choy
Holo Lue Choy is a Minneapolis based interdisciplinary performance artist. Her work prioritizes the experiences of historically oppressed groups, especially transgender people and people of colour, and how such identities effect the way one interacts with the world.

Ashley Mari
Creator of Worldz amongst many through Music, Poetic Energy, Visual Artist with a deep connection to the cosmos and love for humanity with exudes her essence through performing. Performance is always from the Universe’s Vibez. Trippy Hippie with a side of Gangstah ❤

City Counselor
City Counselor is the solo project of Nicky from Lunch Duchess and BOYF. Down-tempo, vocal driven pop music about political life and all its corresponding feelings.

Anxious Twerp
Queer anti folk punk acoustic that will make you laugh but also make you cry and you’ll probably contemplate on the lyrics later and feel something weird in your stomach.

Osiris Lane

The Lunch Ladies

Suggested donation of $5-20 to attend.
30% of the donations will benefit the Free Space to help with the move and the remaining 70% will be divided amongst the performers. No one will be turned away for lack of funds

There will be dinner potluck style, bring a dish if you can!