We have an update! We negotiated with the landlord and agreed to vacate our current space on January 15th. Affordable places in South Minneapolis are scarce, but we are working with realtor Tim Little and we are going on another tour this week to look at more options for a new space.

We have some events planned before we move, including a party on Friday, December 30th from 6-11pm. There will be massive art-making options and puppet-making for kids upstairs, cranio-sacral sessions for sliding scale donation in the library, and Feminist Video Collective multimedia screenings downstairs. We will give away a lot of stuff from the space at the party, so you can take a souvenir home to remember the space. Our video will be done by then, courtesy of Sami, and we will show it for the first time at the party. You can share and invite folks to the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1814592995419524/.

We want to thank you for reaching out to us in email and in person at our events, telling us how much the space means to you and asking what you can do to help. It has been wonderful hearing from everyone. Right now you can help by donating to our GoFundMe, sharing the page, and posting a note about why you support the space. You can invite friends to the party on the 30th, donate big boxes to help us with our move, volunteer to help us in the days leading up to January 15th, and let us know any other ways you would like to lend your support. With all the uncertainty, we haven’t been able to plan and host the events that normally bring in donations. While we are talking to other groups about ways to share space, we will definitely need your support to gather money for a deposit on a new space. We would appreciate any and all help in these next few weeks of our transition.

From Jenell: Our space ship will be taking off on January 15th. Please keep sending us donations for rocket fuel.

You are all a part of the support system that carries us through. Thank you for everything you do for each other and for us. We hope to post another update soon.