Services Offered

In addition to being a place to hang out and build community, the Minnehaha Free Space offers the following services:

Two public computers
Always free to use

Lending library
See our library page

Printing – Black & white
Suggested donation: First 5 pages free, then 10 cents per page

Copying – Black & white **currently broken; being repaired**
Suggested donation: First 10 copies free, then 5 cents per copy

Copying – Color **currently broken; being repaired**
Suggested donation: 25 cents per copy.

Laminator – Laminate documents, posters, etc.
Suggested donation: up to 8.5×11″ 50 cents per sheet, up to 11×17″ 75 cents per sheet

Projector & screen – Borrow our projector and screen for an event.
Suggested donation: negotiable. Subject to availability.  Borrowers must sign a form agreeing to pay costs in the event of loss or damage of equipment.  Contact us for details.


One thought on “Services Offered

  1. Hello I just found out how even more wonderful you are I had no idea. My name is Martin Larrea aka Lady Olympus. I’m requesting a table for the craft fare please. I make inexpensive earrings and would like to get made up before the craft fare please. My number is 6122420601.

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