March on International Workers Day May 1 (and caravan there by bike!)

Chances are high that any south Minneapolis radical can find many of their friends in Powderhorn Park on the first Sunday of every May.  The annual Heart of the Beast parade and festival is a much-loved Twin Cities tradition.

This year, May Day presents another special opportunity.  Since this May 1 falls on Sunday, the annual International Workers Day demonstration will be held the same afternoon.  It will begin after the conclusion of the Heart of the Beast parade, starting at 4pm at the St. Paul Cathedral at Selby Avenue and John Ireland Boulevard in Saint Paul, followed by a march to the Capitol.

We encourage everyone, and in particular anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and radicals of all stripes to join in the May 1 march in St. Paul after the May Day parade in Minneapolis.  To get there, take the 21 bus line straight to the Cathedral from Lake Street; carpool; or caravan by bike!  A bike caravan to St. Paul will meet by the playground northeast of the Powderhorn Park building at 3pm, rain or shine.  Map:

You can also participate in the International Workers Day contingent of the Powderhorn Mayday Puppet Parade. It will meet starting at 11:00 am at 25th & Cedar Avenue. Info:!/event.php?eid=211522098860807

The theme for the Heart of the Beast parade this year is “Caws for Unite” – and indeed, escalating attacks on immigrants and workers represent a very big “Caws for Alarm” in our cities.  This year is the 125th anniversary of International Workers Day, a day of struggle that began during the fight for the 8-hour work day in 1886.  With the resurgence of May Day in the United States as a day calling for immigrant and worker rights; this year’s historic  protests in Wisconsin and elsewhere; and a steady stream of anti-immigrant, anti-worker legislation in the Minnesota statehouse, there is no better time to demonstrate than now.

Read on for more about why we support International Workers Day. Continue reading


END:CIV Film Tour with Director Frank López and Waziyatawin – Monday June 6

Monday, June 6 – Doors 7pm, Film 7:30

Walker Community Church:
3104 16th Ave S. Minneapolis MN 55407

FREE (with Donations Gladly Accepted)

Followed by Q&A with Frank López and Dakota activist/author Waziyatawin

If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests and contaminated the food supply, would you resist? If creatures from outer space made the water so poisonous you wouldn’t dream of drinking it, would you try to stop them? If monsters released toxic chemicals that caused cancer in the people you love, would you fight back?

These aren’t idle questions. It’s happening now – except there are no aliens. The culture that’s cradled us since birth is a killer.  END:CIV illustrates the brutality of a civilization addicted to systematic violence and environmental destruction, and the heroism of those who confront it head-on.

Based on the best-seller Endgame by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV begins with the harsh reality that all civilizations eventually end. The ancient Mayans, the dynasties of China, and the mighty Roman Empire, as long-lived and powerful as they were, inevitably crashed. Western Civilization is no different. It’s coming down, but not fast enough.

Directed by Franklin López, host of the world’s most subversive news show “It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine” (, interviews in END:CIV include Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society and writers Waziyatawin (What Does Justice Look Like? and For Indigenous Eyes Only), James Howard Kunstler (Clusterfuck Nation), Gord Hill (500 Years of Indigenous Resistance), Lierre Keith (The Vegetarian Myth), and Stephanie McMillan (Minimum Security). López interviews indigenous activists Qwatsinas (Nuxalk Nation) and Rod Coronado (Pascua Yaqui); environmentalists Steven Best, Zoe Blunt, Dru Oja Jay, Macdonald Stainsby, and many more.

Bring a friend to see this powerful 75-minute film on the final leg of its North American tour.  END:CIV – The future depends on it.

For more information visit  Sponsored by Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space (MARS); supported by Climate Crisis Coalition of the Twin Cities, Twin Cities Indymedia, and the Twin Cities Anarchist Bookfair.

Creating Movements: A Day of Art & Action April 24

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Sisters’ Camelot – 2310 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis MN 55404
(between Coastal Seafoods and the LRT trail)

Join the Beehive Design Collective, Root Force, and local artists and activists in a day of discussion and workshops designed to develop and utilize our talents for creating a better world.

With panelists from various backgrounds including both visual and performance art, and workshop topics from direct action skills to bannermaking to street theater, we seek to connect artists with relevant political struggles and help activists and organizers engage their issues in creative ways.

Mayday in the Twin Cities will be a perfect opportunity to exercise our new skills–either in the Powderhorn Park parade and festival, the International Workers’ Day immigrant rights march in St. Paul, or other events–and build movements that are creative, effective, and inspiring.

Schedule of Events:
Noon-2: Panel discussion: Art that takes action
2-4:30: Workshops include:

  • Stencil, banner and sign making
  • Direct action/creative blockading (with Root Force)
  • Street Theater (with a member of the Unseen Ghost Brigade)
  • Screenprinting 101
  • KIDshop (with a member of the Beehive Collective)

4:30-5: Closing Presentation

Sponsored by the MARS Collective –

Come for all or part of the afternoon – hope to see you there!

(Also see the other upcoming events with the Beehive Collective here.)

Thistle and the Thorns – Movement Music from Madison, April 16-17

Two shows:

Saturday, April 16, 6pm at the University of Minnesota
Coffman Union Room 323, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis
Donations gladly accepted for the performers and MARS

Sunday, April 17 10pm at the Kitty Kat Club
315 14th Ave SE, Dinkytown Minneapolis

“Thistle and the Thorns play movement music – the kind that not only moves your body out of your seat and onto the dance floor, not only moves your heart and your mind to open up and find hidden feelings and new hopes, but also moves you to be inspired, to get up, get out, and get active in your community, making connections and pushing for change, building grassroots alternatives.”

In addition to the live performances on their Spring Earth Week tour, at the University of Minnesota event Thistle and the Thorns will facilitate a conversation about local peace, justice and sustainability projects and help brainstorm ideas for how to add spice and momentum to our movements.  The workshop/discussion will reference  An Excerpt from Deep Green Resistance, by Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith featured in the 30 year anniversary edition of the Earth First! Journal. In addition, we will explore excerpts from Food Not Lawns by H.C. Flores while talking about what YOU are up to in your communities. Keep educating and agitating!

(Click poster above to download – 11×17)

The bees are coming! 2 Events: April 21 & 27

Two Presentations with the Beehive Design Collective
Thursday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 27

The bees are coming to town!  In addition to participating in a longer workshop on Sunday, April 24 as well as the annual Mayday festivities in Minneapolis and St. Paul, they’ll be doing two poster presentations while in the TC.  Bring a friend to see what the buzz is all about!  Both events are FREE, but posters and patches will be available for purchase, and donations to the bees and to MARS will be gladly accepted.

Thursday, April 21, 6:30pm: The True Cost of Coal
Blegen Hall Room 130, U of M West Bank, 269 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis
Near bus routes 2, 3, 16/50, 22, and light rail. Map:

Long exploited as a resource-extraction colony within the US, the Appalachian Mountains are home to a fight for survival whose outcome will determine in part the industrial power of this country. Without coal, there would be no ‘cheap’ electricity. Today’s energy corporations and government bodies are continuing to show the extent of their violence and greed as they push their extractive agendas in the “New Coal Rush.”

Our insatiable demand for cheap power has lead to the most extreme, devastating form of coal mining yet, Mountaintop Removal (MTR). The True Cost of Coal graphic uses MTR in Appalachia as a lens through which to understand the historical and contemporary story of energy, resource extraction, and American empire accelerating throughout the world. We will expose the deceptions of “clean coal” technologies and bring to light the ensuing cliamte chaos facing the world today.

With a gigantic portable mural teeming with intricate images of plants and animals from the most bio-diverse temperate forest on the planet, the Bees will share (and seek) stories of how coal mining and Mountaintop Removal affect communities and ecosystems throughout Appalachia and beyond.

This graphic also looks to the future, raising questions about resistance, regeneration, and remediation while celebrating stories of struggle from mountain communities. The True Cost of Coal will challenge all of us who casually flip on a light switch to examine our own connections to MTR–and to think about what we can do to stop it from within our own communities.  To learn more, visit:

Download the True Cost of Coal flyer to help us promote!: 8.5×11 PDF | 11×17 PDF

Wednesday, April 27, 7pm: Dismantling Monoculture
joined by the Root Force collective
Walker Community Church, 3104 16th Ave S., Minneapolis
(near bus routes 14 and 21)

Featuring the Beehive’s first two works in our trilogy about globalization in the Americas–the Free Trade Area of the Americas and Plan Colombia graphic campaigns–the Dismantling Monoculture picture-lecture weaves together images and stories from the past 10 years of our work. With two giant illustrated portable murals, a six foot tall fabric storybook, and an engaging narrative, the Bees take audiences on an interactive visual tour of the connections between colonization, militarization, and resource extraction disguised as “industrial development.”

The result is a compelling and inspirational tale of struggle and resistance in this era of immense change. Dismantling Monoculture grows and evolves with each telling, as we all carry these histories within our own lived experience. The Bees hope to share and seek stories about how these themes manifest in our daily lives and what people do to resist and regenerate.

The presentation will also include previews and updates from Mesoamerica Resiste, the final epic chapter in the trilogy, our most ambitious and elaborate illustration to date… seven years in the making and nearly hatched!  To learn more, visit:

The Beehive Collective will be joined for this presentation by Root Force, a strategic campaign designed to exploit weak points in the global economy and hasten the system’s collapse. Read more about Root Force at

March 11: MARS Attacks! A Dance Party Benefit


A Dance Party with:
Food Pyramid
DJ Franklin Q. Teardrop
and the Pleasure Principle DJ Team

all proceeds to benefit Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space
9pm//$5 donation
Sisters’ Camelot Warehouse
2310 Snelling Ave., Minneapolis

2 Events with Anarchists Against the Wall–Jan. 6, Jan. 9

The first week in January, MARS is helping put on 3 events about the joint stuggle for Palestinian liberation.  Spread the word and join us!  The first event on Sunday, January 2 with local activist Ryan Olander is a fundraiser for MARS; the proceeds from these two following events will go to Anarchists Against the Wall and the Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign.

Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) has been at the forefront of the Israeli solidarity movement which has joined the Palestinian popular resistance to the wall. Come hear Gal Lugassi of AATW speak about their struggles.

AATW is a direct action group that was established in 2003 in response to the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. The group works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint popular struggle against the occupation. Continue reading

From the North Woods to the West Bank: January 2

(click image to download poster)

From the North Woods to the West Bank
After Lengthy Deportation Battle, Ryan Olander Returns Home from Palestine

Sunday, January 2
Walker Church: 3104 16th Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55407
Palestinian food served at 3pm; Talk begins at 3:30
Sliding scale donation $5-15 requested (no one turned away) Continue reading

Logo Contest Deadline Extended to Dec. 31

Attention all artists!  Calling all creative consciousness!

In our continuing quest for the ideal images to illustrate our impending new space, shirts, stock, and so forth, we’re extending the deadline for our logo contest to December 31.  We desire your designs!

Please remember these simple guidelines…

  • The design must have the acronym MARS in it and be legible
  • Preferably easy to screenprint in one color (full color versions accepted too)
  • Preferably themed around south Minneapolis and/or radical/DIY politics
  • Review our mission statement here

To submit, send high-quality electronic files as an attachment to, or write this email address for instructions on submitting in a non-electronic format.  There will be a prize for the winner/s – and all entries will be recognized in some form at the new space and online.

Thanks to those who have already submitted.  We’ll announce the results in January!