Sustain the Space!

Support the Minnehaha Free Space so we can continue providing resources to the radical community and social justice movements!
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Operating expenses at the Minnehaha Free Space cost between $1,300 and $1,500 per month.  Contributions from community members like you – particularly monthly sustaining donations – are what will help us thrive that long and hopefully longer.

On the Paypal donation page, clicking the box that designates monthly payment option will provide us with a fixed amount every month and move us toward making the Minnehaha Free Space sustainable and long-lasting.

Any amount meaningful to you — as little as $3 or as much as you can afford per month — helps give us a source of income we can rely on. You choose the monthly amount that fits your ability and desire for the Free Space to thrive well into the future!  $5, $20, $50, $100 or a custom amount — its up to you. Of course, we love one-time donations too!

What if I don’t want to donate online?

One-time donations can be made in person or through mail at 3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

To make a monthly contribution, Paypal is easy and secure – but here are some other methods for those who may not want to donate online:

  • Contact your bank to set up automatic bill pay through your checking or savings account.  The bank can automatically cut us a check each month.  Have them send it to: Minnehaha Free Space, 3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406Checks should be made out to “MARS”
  • Pay by cash or check made out to MARS.  You can mail a well-concealed check or cash to: Minnehaha Free Space, 3747 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406, or give it to a MARS Collective Member at the space.  We’ll take your information and assign a “delegate” to remind you of your dues each month.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate: talk to a collective member you know or email us at

Join your neighbors and comrades in making a radical space that can last by pitching in today. Thank you!


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