Thursday Nov. 10th 5:30-7:30 PM: Emotional Support Gathering

Having someone listen to your problems in a nonjudgmental way and provide support and feedback is an essential human need that often isn’t valued or talked about in this society. therapy can be a great resource, but sometimes it’s not accessible, not the right option, or only a partial solution. this gathering is about talking about what is lacking in our communities in terms of this type of support, identifying what we need, and taking steps to meet some of those needs in a mutually beneficial way.
we will have intros, a general discussion, and then maybe pair up and take turns listening to each other for a short or a long time. we may decide to make this a regular event. we will be centering those who have marginalized identities, especially people of color and trans and queer people who show up, and we will ask those with privileged identities to wait until others have spoken to weigh in, and to help create a space where their needs are not at the center. please contact us if you have questions about that or want to talk about any aspect of this.


Tuesday, November 15 at 7 PM – 10 PM


This is the documentary about the Minnehaha Free State, the insurrection by indigenous people and their accomplices that made history in 1998 and inspired the name of the Minnehaha Free Space.

A documentary on the 1998-99 land occupation known as the Minnehaha Free State which blocked construction of Highway 55 through Minnehaha Park.

Saturday, November 5th 12-2pm

A gathering to support the Free Space in whatever way you can. A videographer will be on site to shoot some footage so we can make a video to support the fundraiser, and it would be great to have some folks do short audio or video interviews, appear in the video, or just share some food, help with stuff around the space, play music, and hang out with kids or adults or both!

Facebook event here.

Sunday, November 13th from 1- 6 PM


It’s time for the next Free Space CRAFT FAIR!!! We’ve made some changes to make the event easier to plan & better for vendors & guests.

Here’s the gist:
-We are expanding the event to include flea market items
-The new name for the event will be ***The Crafty Flea***
-We hope to have this be a MONTHLY event, even while we are without our own space, ’cause it’s so popular
-We will need half a dozen or so volunteers to help out for a few hours on the day of the event. You can help set up, clean up, provide child care or whatever needs done during the event.

IF YOU WANT TO SELL STUFF that’s great! Crafts & the usual wares are welcome plus now flea-market-esque stuff, too! Each vendor will have half a table. $15 for upstairs tables & $5-$15 sliding scale for downstairs tables due on the day of the event. Upstairs tables are sliding scale for folx who need to be upstairs due to mobility concerns. Email Oliver at for details and to reserve a table.

IF YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER that is super great! Email Oliver at & let them know what/when/how you wanna help out.

The event will be, as always, kid-friendly with childcare provided as needed. The upstairs of the free space is wheelchair accessible with an accessible bathroom available upon request. The bathrooms are gender neutral.

Help the Free Space Move And Thrive

gofundme-logoWe are asking for 10K to help us cover our final months’ rent, moving costs, a deposit on a new space, and to help us cope with the loss of income from our regularly scheduled events as we deal with this unanticipated transition. Thank you for every dollar, every like, and every share.


Many of you know that recently a new landlord bought the building that houses the Minnehaha Free Space. He indicated to us in our first meeting with him that he might raise the rent. Just this last week we found out how much he is raising it: from our current $1200 to $2200. There is no way we could raise enough money each month to afford this 83% rent hike. We will have to move. We put in notice that we will be staying through the end of 2016, and then we will be moving to a new space. We are asking our amazing supporters to help us with this transition. We are raising money for rent through December, moving costs, a deposit on a new space, and to cover the loss of income from our regularly scheduled events as we get the next space ready to host events.

We are dismayed about this rent hike and the gentrification of the Longfellow neighborhood that has already pushed out so many residents of color and continues with evictions and foreclosures of primarily people of color. We are committed to using our resources and energy to resist these patterns, to build stronger ties where we can co-depend on one another on the basis of solidarity and mutual aid to resist the dominant capitalist modes of obligation, money, competition and fear. We value the people and projects that have converged in this space and we want to provide a new anarchist space where even more exciting things can happen.

The survival of the Minnehaha Free Space since it first opened in 2011 is a strong testament to how many people support us. Many spaces have come and gone before us, and we would never have survived this long without our broad base of support. We will be using the rest of this year to talk to people and groups that have affinity with us and whose work intersects with ours in some way, to think carefully about what we want this next space to be. Our next steps will be shaped by these conversations. If you want to talk to us, please reach out.

We plan on communicating about our process with all who support us. We will update as regularly as we can.

Meanwhile, we will be staying at this location for the rest of 2016, and we need all kinds of support more than ever. We will do our utmost to keep up activity while we are here and will have a few big final events at our current space, including two craft fairs. Please stop by, come to events, book us for your event, donate to help us with our current rent and moving costs as we explore new spaces, and please do whatever you can to boost this so we can reach out to all the folks who care about making another space possible.

We are asking for 10K to help us cover our final months’ rent, moving costs, a deposit on a new space, and to help us cope with the loss of income from our regularly scheduled events as we deal with this unanticipated transition. Thank you for every dollar, every like, and every share.

To our supporters: you made our existence possible as the longest running collectively organized non-commercial autonomous radical space in Minneapolis. Your support means the world to us and we are ready to meet this challenge with all we have. We want this new space to be amazing. Thank you so much for anything and everything you can do to help.

The Minneapolis Autonomous Radical Space (MARS) Collective

Wednesday, October 5th, 7-10pm


Join us for a film screening of Echos of Rupture produced by Spanish media collective Camara Negra. Based on interviews with Syrian activists displaced to Turkey, this film tells the story of the Syrian revolution from the perspective of its participants—not the geopolitical perspective common in the mainstream media, nor the discourse of terrorism repeated by the American and Assadist regimes alike.

Solidarity with the Syrian revolution begins with hearing the perspectives of those who participate in it, and this film is a step towards that.

Flyer for event:

Echos of Rupture:

Camara Negra:

The Most Important Thing: Reflections on Solidarity and the Syrian Revolution

Facebook event here.

Tuesday August 30th 4pm-8pm


Letter writing: support the DAPL protest

Our usual letter writing get together plus folx who will be helping us write letters supporting the Sacred Stone camp protesting the Dakota Access Pipe Line. Supplies provided.

The Freespace is wheel chair accessible with accessible bathrooms available upon request. Bathrooms are nongendered There’s a kid’s room & our events are kid-friendly. ❤️