Here are some activist resources useful for MARS organizers and the community at large.

Training for Changewealth of downloadable resources on facilitation, making better trainings, activities, etc

Places to Flyer in the TC – list compiled by EXCO & MARS

Unsettling Ourselves: Reflections and Resources for Deconstructing Colonial Mentalitysourcebook compiled by Unsettling Minnesota

Privilege 101 – 2-page handout about different types of privilege and why we should address them in our work. From Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois

Free Community Meals Calendar (MPLS) – Here is a calendar put together by CSR (Community Services and Resources). The calendar is most easily viewed if you choose “Agenda” in the top right corner.

For Minnehaha Free Space volunteers/organizers:

Guide to Promoting Events at the Free Space – having an event at the Free Space but not sure how to get the word out? Use this guide.

(last updated 7/5/16)


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