NO HONOR IN RACISM — Support the Rally Against Racist Mascots Nov. 2

From the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media:

112_186_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz“NO HONOR IN RACISM

We are the people who lived free and strong in the Americas until our land was taken from us, our people persecuted and murdered, and our children denied access to their families, elders, and culture. We are known as American Indians, Native Americans, First Peoples, or Indigenous Peoples. We continue to experience the trauma of your ways and your culture, and we continue to believe that our ways, being one with the earth and nature, sustainability, and resilience, should help lead us all toward a better world…

Mascots harm how we are perceived. Mascots harm the self-concept of our children. Mascots harm our integration into your culture. Mascots harm our futures. This is not about offense. This is about protecting our Peoples from harm. This is about demanding that the laws for equality and against discrimination are enforced for us, not just them…

Our nation must deny the institutional racism of sports mascots that leads many people to believe that these mascots are harmless. We are NOT mascots…

Join us as we strive for equality and justice. Tell the University of Minnesota and your public officials that you want them to enforce the laws of this land and end the outrage and harm of mascots.

Please join us at the Tribal Nations Plaza
TCF Stadium, U of M Campus
November 2, 2014 at 10 AM”

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The BEEHIVE COLLECTIVE presents a SPECIAL WORKSHOP: “Graphics for the Commons”

gfx for commons workshop flyer

Saturday October 11


Free admission- all are welcome!

Bees experienced in creating and sharing story-telling art pieces used to “cross-pollinate the grassroots” will run a workshop sharing techniques they use to create their images depicting today’s greatest challenges and inspiring all of us to work for change.

The Beehive is an all-volunteer swarm of educators, artists, and activists using images to communicate and educate about the complex realities of our times. The dizzyingly detailed, hand-drawn, large-format posters and banners are portable murals that come alive through storytelling, illuminating how single issues are interconnected and part of bigger systems. Join us to work with the Bees to deconstruct some often overwhelming global issues – together – and use metaphors from the natural world to connect social and environmental struggles. The collaboratively produced, educational illustrations were created through an intensive and ongoing process of grassroots research. After graphics are completed, Bees tour all of the world to distribute the completed graphics widely as tools for storytelling, popular education, organizing, and movement building.

1/14 – Icarus Project: Building Radical Mental Health Supports in a World Gone Mad

Icarus Project – Support Group Meeting

Saturday, January 14th @ 5:15-7:15 PM

Minnehaha Free Space

The Icarus group is a radical mental health collective interested in sharing experiences of navigating ‘dangerous gifts’, commonly bound down by medical definitions as ‘illness’.  Though building community and openly discussing mental health in a personal way, we help inspire, support and strengthen each other.  The core of the group is a regularly meeting support group, which is an open safe space.  Additionally, we hope to reach out to folks through activism, art and other projects to help expand the discussion of what mental health is in a world gone mad.
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