2014 Twin Cities Zine Fair

zinefair2014Saturday, September 27
Noon – 5pm

What’s a Zine?

A zine is a self-published work of text and/or imagery often made using low-cost methods like collaging and photocopying. Zines are mediums for artists to print their words, ideas, images, and more. Not having to rely on traditional publishing allows for non-mainstream or marginalized folk to express and communicate with others more freely.

What’s a Zine Fair?

A zine fair is a space for makers and readers of zines to gather in one place and share, exchange and communicate about zines!

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List of Tablers

+Fiona Avocado is a cartoonist and printmaker who has been making zines and politically/socially engaged art for 4 1/2 years. She is originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. fionavocado.com

+Boneshaker Books, an all volunteer-run radical bookstore with a large zine collection. We sell zines from local writers and artists on consignment and seek out zines from further afield as well. We’re open 11-8 every day at 2002 23rd Ave. S.

+Anna Bongiovanni is a genderqueer cartoonist and zine kid living in Minneapolis. A graduate with a B.F.A. from Minneapolis College Of Art and Design, they have been self-publishing comics and zines since 2009. Their first graphic novel, Out Of Hollow Water, was published in October 2013 by 2D Cloud deals with body horror and surviving trauma. They are currently working on monthly comics for Autostraddle.com, a queer-women focused website, and recently self-published their new zine ‘A Cheap And Easy Introduction To They/Them Pronouns’.

+James DeWitt, I live in Minneapolis MN where I am a part-time nanny as well as an educator, zine maker, and dance performer. I am white, able-bodied, middle class, queer, transgender, an addict, non-neurotypical, raised Catholic in the Midwest. I use my personal experience to narrate my zines. My zine series “Sex Ed: A Love Story” aims at a holistic approach to sex education for queer and gender non-conforming youth of all ages.

+Erika Hammerschmidt, Author of the novel “Kea’s Flight,” various short stories, and “Abby and Norma,” a comic about a college student on the autism spectrum. It features puns, weird insights, bizarre attempts at logical analysis of the human world, and a character who speaks only in palindromes.

+Synthia Nicole, a zinester from Minnesota creates & self-publishes ‘Damaged Mentality’ which is a personal zine on disability, mental health & (issue #4 and after) recovery from alcoholism.

+Aimée Pijpers, zine, comic, and patch maker. aimeepijpers.net

+Aaron Poliwoda, minicomics mainly dealing with Autism/Asperger syndrome and awareness and discrimination of autism.

+Kyle Quinn, By way of Denver, CO my current work is no stranger to basic structure and depth. Bringing out texture and detail from things that are usually overlooked, such as basic shape and form, I apply imagery that mixes with the past, present and future. The works general theme is based off of peeks in Queer history such as cruise culture, casual encounters and the male form. The collage work highlights a time when men of all shapes, sizes and race could be sexually free with out the handles of current heterosexual standards being placed upon the LGBT community. kylequinn.net

+Matt Reints, mini-comic zines mostly about slice of small town life and high strangeness phenomena.

+Robert Earl Sutter III, author of “Hobo Fires” a graphic novel about queer, sex positive, anti-authoritarian, multi-racial, multi-cultural hobos in the year 2137 who hack rides on robotic freight trains while on the run from numerous roboticized law enforcement agents. Author of zines, “Unsinkable,” how to build plywood pontoons and longtail boat motors from scrap, with the true story of The Snowball, a shanty boat built by four Minneapolis people & one dog that floated down the Missouri River; “Shut Up & Love The Rain”, autobiographical sex positive comics; “Awesome Future,” wild autobiographical travel comics; and “Alive With Vigor!” a book about health care for variously identified people, written by variously identified people.

+Roosterhouse Ideas, Rooster House is a Minneapolis-based publisher of stories, illustrations and found-objects. Roosterhouse.org

+Queer/Trans/Femme Workers Stories Zine Project, creators of an ongoing Zine series, “Queer/Trans*/Feminist Workers’ Stories.” Proceeds benefit the IWW Sato Fund.

Interested in tabling at the Zine Fair?

Please email us at radspacetc((at))riseup(dot)net if you would like a table for your work at the Zine Fair. Please include a description of your zine art to be included in our promotional materials. Reserve your tabling spot (30″ W x 40″ L) by dropping off or mailing $10 (checks made out to “MARS”) to:

Attn: Zine Fair
Minnehaha Free Space
3747 Minnehaha Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

We are especially interested in providing tabling space for artists marginalized by dominant society and/or passionate about anti-oppressive ways of relating. To us this includes individuals and collectives that are struggling against white supremacy, patriarchy, hetero/cis-sexism, transphobia, fatphobia, ableism, speciesism, classism, capitalism and civilization.

Check out this zine-related event at Architecture Library at the UofM
zine exhibit postcard

Getting to Truths
An Exhibition featuring zines from the Marshall Weber Culture Wars Zine
Collection 1976-2013

September 17 - October 7, 2014

Opening Reception:
Wednesday September 17, 2014 | 11:30am-1:30pm
Guest Speaker: Marshall Weber of Booklyn Artist Alliance

Free and open to the public
Join in the creation of the interactive zine wall
Refreshments provided by Common Roots Cafe

Architecture Library
210 Rapson Hall
89 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-624-6383

Exhibit Curators: Lindsay Keating & Shannon Klug
Exhibit Coordinator: Deborah Ultan Boudewyns

“Until the Rulers Obey” Book Presentation & Dialogue, Sept 20 6:30pm

untilrulersobeySaturday, September 20, 6:30PM

Social movements in Latin America have swept governments to power, sustained occupations of housing, land and factories, and rewritten the histories of their countries over the last decade.

Join the co-editors of a new title from PM Press in dialogue on what we can learn from the participants in the 21st century upsurge of change in the Americas. ‘Until the Rulers Obey’ brings together interviews with 70 people from 15 countries, Mexico to Argentina. These interviewees belong to long silent – or silenced – groups, including indigenous peoples, the rural and urban poor, youth, workers, and LGBT communities.

Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein will be at the Free Space at 6:30pm Saturday, September 20. For more information: 510-859-4097 or untiltherulersobey@gmail.com.

MARS Secret Cafe! September 29

Join us Sunday evening, September 29th, starting at 4pm (the location is secret! ask around!). Come enjoy our menu of seasonal vegetable soup, stuffed acorn squash, cornbread, cabbage salad and several dessert options!

We’ll be serving restaurant-style from 4-8pm. All options will be vegan and many will be gluten-free.

Requested donation of $8-20 sliding scale, no one turned away. All proceeds will benefit the Minnehaha Free Space.

We look forward to sharing this and future meals with you!


Youth Space: Every Saturday at 1pm

Youth Space has been going strong since beginning in late February!  Upcoming playshops include Accessible Playground Construction with Falls For All, Gender Creativity, Native Sky Watching, and more.  It’s free, every Saturday at 1pm at the Free Space, and go-to transit cards for families are available.

For more info and to register, visit our Youth Space page in the menu above.

Thanks to the Longfellow Community Council for supporting Youth Space!