Against Extraction: Ⓐ Salon, Saturday, March 15. 3pm

Saturday, March 15. 3 to 5 pm.

We oppose destructive extraction projects.  But how can Minneapolis anarchists and radical environmentalists engage critically and powerfully to stop these disasters?  We’re inviting you to join us in learning more about frac sand mining, pipelines, and the proposed open pit sulfide mine on national forest land near Lake Superior.

Presenters will briefly explain how each of these projects work, who’s pushing them, and who’s fighting them.  What are the larger environmental groups doing?  Finally, we’ll highlight resistance by the Unist’ot’en clan, whose lands encompass a wide swath of Northern British Columbia.

After the presentations, we’ll skip the Q&A and have snacks, coffee, and time to talk with one another about possible next steps. Tar_Sands


MARS Secret Cafe! September 29

Join us Sunday evening, September 29th, starting at 4pm (the location is secret! ask around!). Come enjoy our menu of seasonal vegetable soup, stuffed acorn squash, cornbread, cabbage salad and several dessert options!

We’ll be serving restaurant-style from 4-8pm. All options will be vegan and many will be gluten-free.

Requested donation of $8-20 sliding scale, no one turned away. All proceeds will benefit the Minnehaha Free Space.

We look forward to sharing this and future meals with you!


“Why we’re voting no and you should too”: A statement by the MARS Collective

The way we, the MARS Collective, have chosen to help create the world we want to see is outside electoral politics; we value self-determination, mutual aid, direct action, and autonomous community control.  Voting for the specific ways in which our dignity will be taken away—whether by referenda or by politicians whose lives are utterly different than our own—is not a political system we see as legitimate.

Nonetheless, we view the proposed constitutional amendment of Voter ID/Voter Restriction here in MN as crucial to our struggles.  Voter suppression, of which photo ID is just the latest tool, is a strategy devised by right-wing groups, especially the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), to strip away the dignity of marginalized communities (particularly people of color, immigrants, the poor, students, and the elderly) and to demoralize us and prevent us from organizing.  It’s not that we see the electoral system as working and that this shift would break it, but rather we see this system as already a mechanism of exclusion and domination—such as with the disenfranchisement of undocumented immigrants and of felons in most states—and this amendment would be an expansion of such forms of oppression.

Voter suppression robs communities of their dignity.  Whether or not we believe in the power of the vote, this amendment would take away even the choice of whether or not to participate on election day for hundreds of thousands of people in Minnesota.  If passed, it would help the worst of the worst politicians get elected—making us spend more time fighting defensively for our basic needs like food stamps, reproductive health care, and affordable housing, rather than fighting for the radical, systemic change we really want.

Please take the time to VOTE NO (on both amendments) on November 6th.  Talk to your friends & neighbors and ask them to do the same.

For more info, see:

Voices For Voting Rights – video testimonies of people from different communities, talking about how this amendment would negatively affect them.

Volunteer to Door Knock to Defeat the Voter Restriction Amendment – with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

Three articles from our neighbor, artist/activist Ricardo Levins Morales:

“The Marriage Amendment as decoy and how to fight the real danger”

“Solidarity from below: the last weeks of the amendment campaigns”

“Defeating voter restriction: a pocket guide” (includes many volunteer opportunities) –

Voter Restriction Resistance Forum – October 16

Voter Restriction Resistance Forum

an interactive discussion with:

Artist/Activist Ricardo Levins Morales • Mysnikol Miller, Community Organizer with MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change & Advocate with Northside Women’s Space • Susan Kikuchi, Organizer againstthe Voter ID Amendment • Hana Worku, Community Organizer with Voices for Voting Rights

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 – 7-9pm
Minnehaha Free Space

3747 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis
(bus lines 7, 23 & near light rail)

Minnesota’s voter restriction amendment would make it difficult for hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans to vote – students, seniors, people living in poverty, people of color, and anyone without easy access to a current ID.

  • How does the voter restriction amendment fit in to the bigger picture of racialized voter suppression as a strategy for right-wing, corporate control?

  • For those of us who create change primarily outside electoral politics, what is the significance of voter restriction for our many social justice struggles?

  • With the same-sex marriage amendment also on the ballot, what strategic choices help or hurt our chances for building long-term power for our communities?

  • And: How do we mobilize to defeat the amendments and build for the long haul? / 612-729-3733

    *(this event will be held in our basement hall, which unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible.)

    Download the poster here

“Precious Waters” Screening & Sulfide Mining Call to Action – Monday, 8/20

Monday, August 20th – 5:00 pm – at the Minnehaha Free Space
We are presenting a showing of “Precious Waters: Minnesota’s sulfide mining controversy,” a short film brought to you by the friends of the boundary waters. Afterwords we will have an open discussion.

Join in to learn about proposed sulfide mining in northern Minnesota, the precious waters flotilla from the north woods to the capital and other actions to preserve Minnesota’s clean water legacy.

Bring food to share if you can.

Facebook invite: