“Until the Rulers Obey” Book Presentation & Dialogue, Sept 20 6:30pm

untilrulersobeySaturday, September 20, 6:30PM

Social movements in Latin America have swept governments to power, sustained occupations of housing, land and factories, and rewritten the histories of their countries over the last decade.

Join the co-editors of a new title from PM Press in dialogue on what we can learn from the participants in the 21st century upsurge of change in the Americas. ‘Until the Rulers Obey’ brings together interviews with 70 people from 15 countries, Mexico to Argentina. These interviewees belong to long silent – or silenced – groups, including indigenous peoples, the rural and urban poor, youth, workers, and LGBT communities.

Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein will be at the Free Space at 6:30pm Saturday, September 20. For more information: 510-859-4097 or untiltherulersobey@gmail.com.