3747-library-roomOur library room at 3747 Minnehaha Avenue is home to a impressive library of over 2,000 books and hundreds of zines!

Many of our newest books were donated from the Macalester Infoshop and from the late peace and justice activist Marv Davidov. Donations from community members continue to add to the wealth of knowledge waiting for you to dig in.

Wondering if we have a certain book? You can search our catalog at the space or online at LibraryThing here:

Minnehaha Free Space Library Catalog

Library Check-Out Rules:book-stack

  • Books may be checked out for two weeks, with one two-week renewal allowed.
  • Users may check out no more than two books at a time.
  • Zines may not currently be checked out.  Please enjoy them on one of our comfy couches!
  • To check out books, either talk to a staff person or follow the instructions on the sign in the library.
  • To return books, stop by during open hours and put the book in our return box.

Just like the public library, inclusion of a book or zine in our library does not constitute endorsement of the ideas therein by Minnehaha Free Space Volunteers or the MARS Collective.  Think for yourself!  -MARS


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