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The main room of our space is suitable for many types of events up to approximately 40-50 people. We can also offer more private space in our library room for short meetings of 5-10 people.  The space also features a kids room and a kitchenette.  Additionally, we have access to the IUE-CWA union hall with space for events up to around 100-150 people, depending on the arrangement and distance between persons.

To request use of the Minnehaha Free Space for your meeting or event, please fill out the form embedded below (or use this link). It will automatically send us an email with the details of your request, and we’ll discuss the request at our next collective meeting (on Tuesdays).

Whenever possible, the Free Space will give priority to groups doing work that aligns with our mission statement. Especially if you’re a group working towards these shared values, and it looks like our calendar is full, please contact us anyway and we can try to work something out.

By filling out this form, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to adhere by the guidelines and policies on this page (see the sections below for specific guidelines about suggested monetary donation and about musical events in our space).

We also recommend reading our Guide to Promoting Events at the Free Space – event promotion is primarily your/your group’s responsibility.

If you have questions, or if your meeting/event is less than a week away, you may wish to email us directly:

Minnehaha Free Space
Space Use Guidelines

By confirming a reservation for use of the Minnehaha Free Space, you and/or your organization agree to abide by the guidelines below, in addition to any other terms communicated by the MARS Collective/Minnehaha Free Space.

You and/or your organization agree to the following terms in regard to your use of the space:

  • You will leave the space in as good a condition as it was found, or better. Depending on your use of the space, this may include vacuuming the carpet, mopping linoleum floors, taking out the trash/recycling, putting away chairs and other equipment, washing all dishes used, and/or more.
  • You will adhere to all existing policies posted in the space, including (but not limited to) no alcohol/drugs, no pets, and smoking a minimum of 10 feet away from doors.
  • You will treat other users of the space with respect.
  • You will not engage in activities or behaviors that perpetuate oppression, including but not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, etc. If these behaviors arise while your group is using the space, you will be expected to address them so that all visitors to the space may feel welcomed.
  • The Minnehaha Free Space strives to be family friendly. If your event is open to the public, you are expected to develop and/or maintain policies and practices that facilitate intergenerational involvement, including elders, parents, adults and children, as appropriate.
  • Because the mission of the Minnehaha Free Space includes values (such as self-determination and opposition to domination and oppression) that often run contrary to law, and because activists acting on behalf of these values are sometimes targeted by law enforcement for their political activity, you should not engage in behaviors that might put these activists at risk. Be smart about security culture: for example, don’t brag about or propose illegal activities while in the space.
  • For the same reasons, you will not invite law enforcement into the Minnehaha Free Space, except in an extreme safety situation.

In return, the MARS Collective/Minnehaha Free Space agrees:

  • We will treat you with respect.
  • We will only release and publicize information about you and your use of the space as agreed upon.
  • We will adhere to all agreements made about space usage and payment/donation.
  • We are not always able to provide childcare staff; however, the materials in our space are available for all kids and their caregivers to use at your event.
  • We will, to the best of our ability, resist any attempts by law enforcement to subpoena and/or otherwise gather information about you, your group and your activities.
  • We reserve the right to revoke your use-of-space privileges through collective decision at any time.


For small events/meetings (approximately 20 people or less), at least one Minnehaha Free space keyholder should be present somewhere in the space at all times. For larger events, at least two keyholders should be present.

By confirming a reservation, the MARS Collective/Minnehaha Free Space agrees to staff the space in this way during your event. You should thank these people! Staffers DO NOT, however, necessarily agree to assist with the logistics of setting up or cleaning up for your event. Their role is to maintain the safety and functionality of the space, and to answer any questions you might have on the day of the event.


The Minnehaha Free Space relies almost exclusively on donations, in one form or another, to pay our bills. Payment/compensation requests will be agreed to on a case-by-case basis for each use of the space, at the time your reservation request is confirmed. The following points, however, serve as a guide:

  • For small events/meetings (approx. 10 people or fewer) that are doing work that aligns with our mission statement, we ask for the equivalent of “passing the hat” for donations to our space (this could take the form of actually passing a hat, or a small donation from the organizers). As a rough guideline, minimum operating expenses for two open hours at our space are about $35. This amount does not need to be agreed upon before the event/meeting.

  • For larger events or events outside the scope of anti-oppression culture, we will ask for a donation from the organizers, agreed upon before the event (anywhere from $20-100, depending on the nature of your group and the event). If the event has a suggested donation at the door, we may also ask for a percentage of this amount.

  • We believe that money should generally flow from the global north to the global south, and from those who have been granted extra access to income, property and other resources due to their positions or identities (for example white, middle/upper class, settler, man, straight) to those who have been systematically denied access due to their identities (for example people of color, working class/poor, indigenous, women, queer). We will take this into consideration when asking (or not) for compensation for use of the space. Please give more if your group falls significantly into the first category, so that we can offer the space to others for a reduced amount or free of charge.

The Minnehaha Free Space reserves the right to charge a late cancellation fee, if an event is canceled by the organizers three weeks or less from the date of the event.  The fees are as follows

Event canceled 21 to eight days prior to event: 50% of Donation
Event canceled within seven days prior to event: 100% of Donation

Compensation for use of the space can be made in advance via cash, check or online, or on the day of the event by cash or check.  Checks should be made out to “MARS”.


The Free Space sits in a residential area with neighbors close by; our new building also houses union activists doing important work!  We aim to be considerate and respectful towards our neighbors, especially at night.  Therefore, in addition to all the guidelines listed above, we have adopted the following policy for events featuring music:

  • Music playing past 10pm must not be audible from outside the building.
  • Drums sets and heavy cabinets/amps must be placed on top of a rug or rubber mat (which the bands / show organizers must provide).
  • Regarding volume, the event must comply with City of Minneapolis ordinances.  All judgment calls about noise level will be made by Free Space staff, and organizers/performers will be expected to abide by their requests if there is an issue. City ordinance states:
    Noisy or unruly assembly is defined as a gathering of more than one person in a residential area or building between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. whose noisy or illegal conduct would be likely to cause significant discomfort or annoyance to neighbors.  In addition to noise, such conduct may include obstruction of streets/sidewalks, minors consuming alcohol, provision of alcohol to minors, fighting, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, littering, and public urination.Public nuisance noise includes amplified sound from radio, loud speakers, stereo or other electronic device, inside or outside, which carries to adjacent residences and is audible at 50 feet or more
  • Organizers of the show should help clean up our space until all necessary cleanup is finished, to ease the burden on our staff.
  • If your show is canceled within seven days of your scheduled time, your donation for the event will still be due in full. Cancellations made greater than one week leading to your event, will require 50 percent of the agreed upon donation.



One thought on “Request Space

  1. Hello-I am contacting you on behalf of a group in s.mpls who is organizing an annual festival around the Celtic Goddess Brigid. As part of this festival, we are interested to host a ceili(traditional Irish social dance similar to contra dance/square dance) in the end of January…hopefully on Fri. the 29th from 6:30-9:30pm. We would like to know if your basement is available. We would be glad to donate a fee. We will have a donation box, in part to pay musicians/caller. If you have further questions, please feel free to call- Tara 612-722-3650. Info about the festival can be found at the Tree in the Well website. Thanks for continuing to provide such a supportive and inclusive space.

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